I just want to say, I hate godaddy.com   


I had a number of domains registered there along with a hosting account.

My experience with their hosting was terrible.  My site would go down, so I would call their tech support. Tech support would run me through all the checks and finally go to the next level tech to find out that they are having problems with the server and of course they are working on it.


Next, wait 24 hours for my site to be back up and fully functional.  Two days

later the same thing happens again.  Call godaddy.com and go through the same thing I went through two days ago and yep the server is having problems again and they are working on it.  


Once again, 24 hours before everything is back to normal and again one to two days later my site goes down again, I call get the same as the previous two calls.  I send a scathing email, only to get an email back stating that there is nothing wrong on their end and that the issues is on my side.  

Funny how tech support clearly explains there is a known issue they are working on and then they have the nerve to send out an email saying that the issue is on my side.  

Also interesting how on my other hosting account, (which was also through godaddy.com) that I was able to upload my website and view it perfectly on.

So I hate godaddy.com plain and simple. So much so that I went and registered this domain, not through godaddy.com of course.  

If you guys over there at godaddy.com read this, your tech support is very friendly but it was not worth all of the headaches and days down time followed by even more days of my time spent researching hosts and working on switching hosts to a more reliable provider.  

Consider spending a little more money on infrastructure and techs to keep problems like this from happening and a little less on all of the marketing.

I will never recommend godaddy.com to anyone, EVER!   


Ihategodaddy.com yes, I really do hate godaddy.com and here is why.